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By | December 5, 2017

Grandparents Rights to Visitation or Guardianship in Pittsburgh.

Parents should discuss the difficult subjects when it comes to divorce.

Mom and dad often agree on common care plans, but sometimes one of them may take custody as the child’s primary guardian. To decide who the child is to live with and who will be responsible for him/her can have a lifelong effect. The significance of this decision lies in why the courts often intervene to determine what living conditions and visitation plans are in the best interests of the child.

Also noteworthy:

Children begin to develop relationships with their immediate family at a very early age. They play with their brothers and sisters and trust their parents for the bare necessities. Nevertheless, other important factors can also be cultivated, especially when the child develops a close relationship with the grandparents.

grandparents rights

Many grandparents do not know that they can petition the court for the rights to visitation or,in some cases, guardianship of their grandchildren. Under Pennsylvania law, grandparents may petition for the right to part-time custody under certain circumstances:

  • When a parent dies
  • When the parents are divorced or seperated for at least six months before divorce was filed
  • When a child lives with a grandparent for 12 months or longer , then the child is removed by the parent

In each of these cases, the court will try to determine which situation will be better for the child. They must also consider what best serves the child and their future. Nevertheless, before the court makes it’s determination, many factors are taken into consideration, including:

Physical and emotional well-being of a child
Relationship between a child and the grandparents
Child’s preference (if applicable depending on age)
Potential impact on the child’s social and intellectual growth development (school and/or society)

In Conclusion

The right attorney, who is experienced with grandparent rights, can help structure a persuasive argument that will demonstrate to the court that the grandparent’s have the child’s best interest in mind.