About Me

My name is Pete Whitehorn and I am the son of a narcissist. My father was verbally, mentally, and physically abusive to my mom, my sister and myself. As a kid I always wished my mom would’ve divorced my dad; gathered my sister and I up and moved us far, far away from him. We always just assumed he was a mean s.o.b. but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a youtube video on narcissists that I was able to give his behavior a name. I started this blog to help men and women who are married to narcissists to escape the nightmare. More often than not the victim spouse has children with the narcissist and it pains my heart when the court system awards even partial custody to the deceitful parent. The narcissist can be charming to strangers but those who know them best see someone void of empathy, prone to temper tantrums and emotionally abusive to the vulnerable all in the name of stroking their egos.