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Recording Domestic/Emotional Abuse at Home

Should you record domestic/emotional abuse? Is it legal where I live? This information should not be construed as legal advice Some U.S states require only one person’s consent when recording a conversation whether it be in person or on the telephone. Other states are considered two-party or all-party states. Below, you will find a table… Read More »

How to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

You’ve had enough. Now you want to know how to get out of a toxic relationship. As survivors of child abuse, the family environment and the relationships we grew up with were often not just dysfunctional but toxic What our family has called “love” has always been associated with a price that was relentless norms… Read More »

How Do I Collect Alimony? | Alimony FAQs

Alimony i.e. Spousal Support i.e. Spousal Maintenance Q. How do I collect alimony? A. Not all former spouses receive alimony payments, which are alsoreferred to as spousal maintenance or child support payments. Alimony payments are only granted if a spouse can not be self-sufficient without the financial support of a spouse who can pay for… Read More »

Divorce plus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Divorce Attorney AND Bankruptcy Attorney If you must file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy then doing so before the divorce would likely be your best option. You and your spouse should file together,saving money on filing and attorney fees, discharge your debts and THEN divorce. However, if your combined income is too high for chapter 7… Read More »