Emotional Abuse and Divorce

By | December 1, 2017

In this article, I want to talk about emotional abuse and divorce. Narcissists employ emotional abuse in order to control their victims. They make them feel bullied,confused and sad all in the name of the narcissist’s incessant need to feel like they control everyone closest to them. People in emotionally abusive marriages face aggression many times throughout the week. With constant criticism, it’s easy for the victim to start believing the things being said about them. You might not believe you are in an abusive relationship because he/she doesn’t become physically violent , but, if your spouse uses intimidation, humiliation, guilt or fear to make you feel bad then you ARE in an abusive relationship. Victims should seek a divorce attorney IMMEDIATELY.

If socializing with your friends and/or family has become difficult; you feel like you need to walk on eggshells around your spouse or your spouse is always making you feel bad , then you need to seek out a support network. Friends, family and therapists can help you identify emotional abuse and help you get through it. It won’t be easy as emotional abuse does more damage than physical abuse.

When you do work up the nerve to talk to an attorney, ask them some questions like:

1. “Are you going to take a cooperative approach with my spouse’s attorney or a combative one?”

2. ” Will you require a retainer up front or will you be billing me on a regular basis?”

3. ” What is your experience with divorce cases? Narcissists?”

4. ” How long have you been practicing in _______county?”

5. ” What do you think the likely outcome will be for my divorce?”

6. ” Will the judge refer my custody dispute to a mental health professional for recommendation?”

7. ” In regards to my custody dispute, will the mediator reveal our statements to the judge?”

8. ” Will you send me copies of all letters to and from my spouse’s lawyer along with all pleadings?”

9. ” Will you personally return my phone calls about important questions I may have?”

10. ” Will any other attorney be working my case? If my spouse files an emergency motion and you have prior obligations, who will accompany me to court?”

Pick a Pittsburgh attorney who has worked in Allegheny County for some time and knows how the judges operate. If they seemingly don’t care that much about helping you then don’t hire them. With the right amount of investigating you can find out if the person you are talking to will be doing the work or is just speaking on the behalf of the person who will.

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