Divorcing a Spouse with Alcoholism

Are You Thinking about Divorcing a Spouse with Alcoholism? Alcohol abuse is turning into a major issue in the US. About 14 million individuals in the United States which implies one in 13 adults are alcoholic in nature. Likewise, almost 50% of all grown-ups have a family history of alcohol addiction. As indicated by US… Read More »

Diagnosis & Treatment of Personality Disorders

 The Clinician’s Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders was written for clinical professionals to increase therapeutic efficacy through the examination of each personality disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). This guide covers general personality disorders and manifestation, neurological components, a developmental psychology approach to understanding how personality disorders develop and… Read More »

Identifying a Narcissistic Woman

Female narcissists are every bit as cunning and evil as their male counterparts. You will not change them and it would be foolish to waste your life trying. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Divorce plus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Divorce- Legal Terminology and Definitions The Narcissistic Father of your Children Emotional Abuse and Divorce  

Divorce plus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Divorce Attorney AND Bankruptcy Attorney If you must file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy then doing so before the divorce would likely be your best option. You and your spouse should file together,saving money on filing and attorney fees, discharge your debts and THEN divorce. However, if your combined income is too high for chapter 7… Read More »

Divorce- Legal Terminology and Definitions

The legal terminology can be confusing Whether you’re the petitioner or defendant in a divorce, you will probably run across some legal terminology and not know what they mean. Don’t be caught off guard.   – A – ACTION: a lawsuit or proceeding in a court of law. AFFIDAVIT: a written statement signed under oath—also… Read More »

Grandparents Rights | pa law

Grandparents Rights to Visitation or Guardianship in Pittsburgh. Parents should discuss the difficult subjects when it comes to divorce. Mom and dad often agree on common care plans, but sometimes one of them may take custody as the child’s primary guardian. To decide who the child is to live with and who will be responsible… Read More »

The Narcissistic Father of your Children

Narcissistic fathers produce narcissistic kids. A narcissistic parent, particularly the father, has a lifelong impact on your child’s life. Surely you used to think that when you were in your twenties and especially when you were in your thirties you would have already achieved a certain amount of success in your life. Your career would… Read More »

Divorce from Toxic Spouse Custody Battle

Is your ex-spouse trying to gain custody of your kids? Has he or she launched a campaign to make you look like a bad parent, both in the eyes of your children and the law? You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, high-conflict custody battles are all-too-common in today’s world. So how can you arm yourself with the… Read More »

Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney – Emily K Trisoline

   Attorney Trisoline has over 10 years experience practicing law in the fields of:  Adoption- Child Custody- Child Support- Custody Relocations -Divorce- Juvenile Dependency & Delinquency – -Guardianship- Grandparent rights- Name change -Unemployment Compensation- Wills Reviews on the internet say about her: “always reachable” “willing to go the extra mile” “a positive experience” “avoids unnecessary… Read More »