Psychopaths and Relationships

By | December 27, 2017

  10 Warning Signs You Are With a Psychopath


Psychopaths make up 4% of the
total population


and a good majority of
them are not necessarily serial killers.
In fact, they may just be people that you
walk by on the street; just a person who
served you your coffee this morning or that ex who knows how to
manipulate you. Psychopaths may look like
normal people
but they have one big difference, they
don’t have a conscience.
They tend to cause harm to others and
have no sense of remorse or guilt. Furthermore,they
spend their lives trying to mimic human
emotions but they don’t usually
experience any of those feelings themselves.
Feelings like trust , love, forgiveness and
compassion, all those vulnerabilities are
something that they easily exploit. A
psychopath may slip around unnoticed and
they may seem friendly or likable and even
charming but to those who are unfortunate
enough to be close to any of them they
will feel like a nightmare come true.
It may seem like a fairy tale in the
beginning when all they want is to please you. But then it soon becomes an
incomprehensible mess of chaos and mind

Top ten warning signs that you are with a psychopath.

1. they love bomb and flattered you incesantly.
Things can move pretty fast when you meet a
They’ll tell you about how much they
have in common with you and how you both
can be perfect together, then,
they will mirror your
dreams, hopes and insecurities.
They will look to form a bond of trust
and always exciting. They will feign fascination with you
at every level.

2.They prey on your emotions with pity
plays and stories of sympathy. They’ll tell you how they
hate “drama” but soon you’ll
find more drama surrounding them than anyone else you know.

3.They’ll have you involved in love
triangles that don’t even exist. Once you
get hooked on a psychopath you’ll find
yourself in a love triangle of sorts.
Psychopaths surround themselves with
their former lovers, potential lovers and
anyone else who can provide them their
much-needed attention.
This includes people who, they themselves,
may have denounced. In
the middle of all of this you may find
yourself confused. The psychopath tries to create the illusion that they
are in ‘high demand’ at all times.

4. They rewrite reality and exhibit crazy behaviors.
The psychopath may ignore you for days
and then call you needy even if you keep to yourself in that time frame.
Basically, they use your reactions to
gather sympathy from those around them
and try to allege that you’ve become a
crazy person.

5.You may have initially been an easygoing
person but after your relationship with a
psychopath they will turn that notion
upside down for you. They will paint you as the one who ‘flies off the handle’ , ‘is too clingy’ ,
or ‘makes up stories’.

6.They lie pathologically and make up excuses
for everything.
There is always an excuse for everything
even when things don’t need excusing.
They tend to make up lies faster than
you can question them and they always
find a way to blame others so it will never,
ever be their fault.
Instead of trying to improve their
behavior , they spend time trying to
rationalize everything they do. Even
when they get caught in a lie they show
no embarrassment or shame.
Sometimes it is as if they wanted you to
catch them . They dare you to call them out on it.

7.They provoke jealousy and rivalry all the while
pretending to be innocent.
At the beginning, the psychopath may divert
all of their attention to you.
Suddenly, without warning, they begin to withdraw.
They start to do things that make you
wonder if you really have a place in
their heart.

8. They hurt your self-esteem.
– Eventually, they are done showering you with
continuous attention and admiration. They
suddenly become bored with you and
start treating you with silence and
annoyance. It may seem you
are the only person who is interested in
the relationship that you
both once had. Once you finally take the hint and
try to end things, they act like you’re the one who never
cared. You ‘obviously’ never wanted to be with them in the first place.
They proceed to treat you like a troll in their life.

9. They are selfish and have a constant
need for affection. Psychopaths can
drain you of your energy and
consume your entire life. They have a
constant need to be adored and while
you think you may be the only person
who makes them happy – the truth is no one
can really fill the void in their souls.

10.You finally don’t even recognize your
own feelings. Being with a psychopath can
change you too. Love and compassions is replaced
with anxiety and panic.
You find yourself apologizing and sulking more
than you ever have in your life.
You may endure sleeping problems only to wake
up every morning feeling anxious.
You try to remember how relaxed and easy-going
you used to be but after being with
a psychopath, you tend to feel drained,
exhausted and empty. Sometimes, you feel as if
you’re going insane.

Capitulating to the psychopath may cost you friendships.
Being in such a
relationship can have a lasting, damaging effect
on your life. It will leave you with
doubts and feelings that you’ll ever be
good enough for anyone.
Worst of all, it
will always be your fault.
The psychopath will ignore your best
qualities and trash your
self-esteem. They exploit your insecurities until you become
a person that even you don’t recognize.
Thankfully, there’s always hope for
healing. The first step is
getting into the no-contact zone. That
includes texts, emails and Facebook.
It may seem impossible at first but
becomes easier with time.
Slowly, you’ll find that your sanity is
returning and you’ll find opportunities
to boost your self-respect while
experiencing healthy fulfilling
relationships .

If you have children with the psychopath you may find going ‘no contact’ to be
very difficult. Of course , for the sake of the children, you have to then have “some” contact.
You should consider keeping conversations limited to text messaging or emails. Don’t allow yourself to
get roped into conversations that aren’t about your children. Don’t talk about
your past relationship with the psychopath, don’t talk about the weather, or anything else. Only your children.
You can discuss picking up and drop-off times and places, disciplinary actions and so on. Co-parent
with the psychopath but keep it at that. They will try to upset you. They will try to get you to
play ‘their’ game but you have to be stronger than them. They will say things that are downright ignorant,
cold and unfeeling but YOU MUST NOT BREAK CHARACTER. Just keep moving forward and NEVER take
a step back.


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